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 Habits to be avoided!

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Habits to be avoided! Empty
PostSubject: Habits to be avoided!   Habits to be avoided! Icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2007 3:21 pm

Never keep or give your password

t's quite evident... never give your password to someone who's asking you.
If you can't do anything, this support forum is made for this. And every problem can find its solution without giving your password.

When you use the function "I forgot my password", an email will be sent to you with a new password. Once logged in, go to your Profile and change it again to use a password that you will maybe keep more easily (but, it must'nt be too simple for all that). If you don't change it, never keep the email in an online mailbox like Hotmail, Caramail or Yahoo.

Log you out if you use a public computer

When you want to quit your forum while you use a public computer (in a cybercafe, at shcool, at a friend's home), always think to use the Log out button. in the same occasion, never use the browser function "Do you want this password to be kept" (Always anser "no")
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Habits to be avoided!
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